Bright Color/White Walls

  So we have been hustling the last couple weeks to get settled into our new place. We've accomplished A LOT. But, I had planned on painting, because I can now. For the last few years I lived with mandatory beige walls and I was chomping at the bit to have color on the walls..
My ceilings are 15 feet high at least now, so painting would be a fairly major undertaking...

Not to mention I would have to CHOOSE colors. Ohh, the agony...

I mean white walls CAN be totally fab, right?

And my already colorful furniture and accessories would make up what's lacking, right?

Okay, you've convinced me. White Walls It Is ;)
Xoxo Andrea


  1. love the white walls with lots of color and light

  2. Miss Gypsy Ya Ya, Thanks for dropping Hf,K. It's always to nice to have interesting people visiting.
    Your blog is wonderful and a great start, you seem to know what you are doing, so keep it up.
    I am a Houston boy myself and I had to laugh when I saw your back yard, all that ginger is wonderful. Lucky you.
    Until next time! K

  3. Yeah wait! you are in New Orleans, not Houston, now I'm even more jealous. Enjoy!


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