It's A Jungle Out There

So here's what's been keeping me from my computer the last several days....The overgrown and abused back yard of my newly rented New Orleans Creole Shotgun. It needs a little luv to say the least. 

I have visions of this space becoming our own little tropical paradise, complete with a hammock, raised beds to grow my veggies and herbs and fabulous flowering beauties. The foundation is there, a giant shady Oak tree, vine covered walls for plenty of privacy...The completed vision will be a while yet but I'll post my progress.

I just have to tame it a bit first and it's been taking me hours and hours. I am a one woman team after all, but I have made quite a dent. It has been really quite terrifying, I love nature and everything but wow cutting that ginger grove back tested me. It was unfortunately home to many creepy crawlers. Don't worry though- I made sure to leave some so everyone, creepy or not still has a place to live.

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