Bohemian Dreams

I'm thinkin these rooms are in no need of an explanation. Except-YUM.

Things I Want To Do...DIY Projects

Make a photo creation out of an old window (that I hope to find for free on the side of the street).
Use wallpaper and/or this shade of turquoise somewhere, somehow...
Figure out a romantic way to hang my hammock that involves fairylights such as this...
Or else a hanging swing on the front porch...Or both...
Make my laundry room look a little more like this...
Paint my kitchen walls or my cupboards GREEN...
Xoxo Andrea


Bright Color/White Walls

  So we have been hustling the last couple weeks to get settled into our new place. We've accomplished A LOT. But, I had planned on painting, because I can now. For the last few years I lived with mandatory beige walls and I was chomping at the bit to have color on the walls..
My ceilings are 15 feet high at least now, so painting would be a fairly major undertaking...

Not to mention I would have to CHOOSE colors. Ohh, the agony...

I mean white walls CAN be totally fab, right?

And my already colorful furniture and accessories would make up what's lacking, right?

Okay, you've convinced me. White Walls It Is ;)
Xoxo Andrea


Trash To Treasure~ Furniture Before and Afters

Hi! Just dropping in to share some quick little furniture face-lifts that I did over the rainy weekend. The first one is a stool. I was checking out HomeGoods the other day and fell in love with some patchwork sari stools they had. Unfortunately said stools were in the $60-$100 range, so I thought I could do just as well with a little creativity. I found this totally blah but functional stool at the GoodWill for 5 bucks. It's almost the exact same base as the ones I was coveting. Score. 
The beautiful piece of embroidered fabric was a thrifted treasure from eons ago. I have been hoarding it for the right project and I'm so glad I did. 
My stool came together so quickly it really was ridiculous how easy it was. I simply stapled the "new " fabric over the old ugly fabric, trimmed off the excess and finished the edge off with some hobnail trim. 

Ta-da! Total cost was less than ten dollars. And it is such a fun and colorful addition to my living room. I use it as a "desk" to hold my laptop when I'm sitting on the floor and the cat approves of what she thinks is her new throne too!  

I bought 2 of these shelves from IKEA a while back when I was desperate for affordable storage. 
Though they serve their purpose, I despise the grey backs and blonde wood. Even more so now that they are in my old New Orleans shotgun, they just don't jive with the antique woods details you know? I'll probably replace them down the road but to make them a little more bearable in the mean time, I touched them up by mod podging some craft paper over the gray backs. Ideal? No. Better? Heck Yes. 

I definitely like them better but I may still try to find a way to cover the blonde wood also. 
We shall see... 

xoxo Andrea

Pretty In Pink

I remember reading somewhere that us ladies should be sure to decorate with pink while we can (before a boyfriend or husband comes along and outlaws it). I suppose that's legit in many cases but not so in many others. I guess it also depends what kind of partner you end up with . My Step-Dad is English and quite secure in his manhood so my Mamma's pink decor doesn't even begin to concern him. Also you could just say my pink decor comes with the package so take it or leave it. Hmmm.

What do ya'll think? Is it fair to subject your significant other to pink and girly decor or is it better toned down for their sake?

Xoxo Andrea


I Need To Take It Up A Notch

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by all of the bohemian wardrobe inspiration out there and I feel like I'm in a self adornment rut. Yikes! I need to take it up a notch ;

Xoxo Andrea


Yard Update! (And Some Shots From Around The Neighborhood)

So here are a couple shots from around my neighborhood that I took while walking my dog. 
This one appears to be a secret artist hideaway in someone's backyard 
(the main house is beige and rather repressed, that's why I say secret).
This is a freaky gargoyle in my neighbor's yard (that I spied while peeking over the fence)
 it has been almost completely been taken over by vines. It looks angry, but I like it.

These are of a French Fountain shop on the corner, 
hard to say if they are open let alone selling anything. Wicked.
Annnnnd...last but not least here are some pictures of my garden looking really destroyed, 
so the after pictures seem all that much better.

What ever will I do with this pile? Building a major compost system is definitely in order ASAP!
P.S. Sorry about the yellow date thingys on my pictures I'll be sure to rid of that next time.


It's now 11 months later and I am finally posting after pictures.  Lame I know.  If you've been following me you know that I moved back to New Orleans 11 months ago too. Well, looks like it's back to Houston I go so I have to post these pictures now (even though I don't feel like it's anywhere near finished). Sob.

Oh well!  Once A Gypsy...Always A Gypsy!

Xoxo Andrea


It's A Jungle Out There

So here's what's been keeping me from my computer the last several days....The overgrown and abused back yard of my newly rented New Orleans Creole Shotgun. It needs a little luv to say the least. 

I have visions of this space becoming our own little tropical paradise, complete with a hammock, raised beds to grow my veggies and herbs and fabulous flowering beauties. The foundation is there, a giant shady Oak tree, vine covered walls for plenty of privacy...The completed vision will be a while yet but I'll post my progress.

I just have to tame it a bit first and it's been taking me hours and hours. I am a one woman team after all, but I have made quite a dent. It has been really quite terrifying, I love nature and everything but wow cutting that ginger grove back tested me. It was unfortunately home to many creepy crawlers. Don't worry though- I made sure to leave some so everyone, creepy or not still has a place to live.


This is what the inside of my mind looks like...Gypsy Caravans

It really does. I couldn't verbally describe it any better than this! Now you know me just a little better ;)

Xoxo Andrea