Must Love New Orleans

   I haven't had much time to post in the last week or so since I was apartment hunting in New Orleans. It was both a mind bogglingly stressful trip and beautiful and inspiring trip all at the same time. Stressful, because apparently Everyone else was in the city looking for apartments at the same time, and since Hurricane Katrina there are very few places to choose from. So we searched desperately for 5 days and finally found a perfect shotgun with our name on it, right before we had to fly back to Houston. I can't complain though, it was 5 days of driving around and looking at some of the most fabulous homes and neighborhoods in the world...

Here is a picture of our little Creole Cottage. It has beautiful historical details, wood floors, soaring ceilings and a vintage bathroom. I can't wait to share my journey decorating our new space with ya'll. Stay tuned!

   All photographs taken by moi! There will be many, many more pictures of my New Orleans wanderings to come....


  1. I have never had the opportunity to visit New Orleans but your pictures really brought it to life for me. Very beautiful and so full of character.

  2. Why thank you Miss Lisa, that means everything to me. You really must visit the city one day, it really is awe inspiringly beautiful.


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