Living Walls

  I've always wanted a living wall-in my bathroom specifically. There is something invigorating about bathing outdoors...if only I could bring that feeling indoors. It would be like being a water nymph in a fairy tale every time you took a shower. Living walls are suddenly becoming quite popular so maybe my living bathroom isn't too far off.

   I've always had a lot of plants both inside and out. Plants make me feel relaxed and happy, not to mention they suck up pollution and replace it with fresher air. How wonderful it would be if places like malls, doctor offices and traffic choked city streets were lined with living walls. We would all be a little happier and healthier no doubt!


  1. I love these...the bathroom would be an great place for one...I am going to have to look into one...

    Thanks for posting this...very informative..:)

  2. Aren't they fantastic? Someday I will have one...or more!


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