Apartment Living Doesn't Have To Suck-Tiny Patios

   I have lived mostly in places where renting an apartment meant it was part of an old house, converted into a couple of units at most. You could paint the walls, often had a yard, some character etc. Until now-because I live in Houston, where the vast majority of affordable apartments are giant corporate complexes. The walls are always white (or worse-BEIGE). Wood floors? Cute tiles? Not Likely. Beige carpets and yucky laminate? Probably. Limited outdoor space to call your own is unfortunately also part of the equation. So what do you do if you live in a boring white box? Fear not! Apartment Living Doesn't Have To Suck! You can add character to your space where there was none and feel like you live in a beautiful space where ever you live. Remember- Bloom Where You're Planted!

 Even with a tiny patio or balcony you can add another entire living space to your apartment. With some carefully chosen pieces it could be your Al Fresco dining area, lounge and urban retreat. Even your kitchen garden and composting area. I'm currently planning to get a patio sized worm compost from They are an awesome way to compost your kitchen scraps while creating organic fertilizer for your plants at the same time!

 With limited space you can plant enough greenery and blooms to make you forget you live in an urban jungle. Hanging plants are a must in order to free up floor space for outdoor furniture. They also provide privacy and here in the South, much needed shade. Adorn re-purposed shelves with colorful pots of herbs, lettuces and even tomatoes for a mini kitchen garden right outside your door. I used a thrifted antique washing table with a marble work surface for potting and displaying plants. It's not only super cute but useful too, it has a cupboard to store pots, seeds and potting soil.

 Soften your patio with things that bring indoor comforts outside, like colorful rugs and throw pillows, strings of lights,hanging lanterns and even hang mirrors or pictures. Hang inexpensive bamboo mats or blinds to cover unsightly views. Complete the atmosphere with candles, groovy music and maybe a small water fountain to drown out the sound of whirring air conditioning units. Your only limits are your imagination! Don't be scared to invest time and a little bit of money into a rented space, it's well worth it for your piece of mind. I'll be back soon with more apartment living ideas!

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  1. Anonymous9/09/2011

    suggestion for your focus...HOW TO BE A GYPSY! How a gypsy decorates, a gypsy checklist, what a gypsy eats, what a gypsy's picnic should include, how she gets beautiful stuff on a gypsy salary, her own brand of voodoo or magic (chocolate or tequila)..Gypsy 101.
    Love your blog! Love the Saints, NOLA, painted ladies, your header, your font. Check out or te little videos on Tracy Porter's Be Inspired blog. GOOD LUCK!


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