I have a Really hard time with winter, with cold and grey skies and dormant trees. I need it to be hot and tropical or I just don't seem to function right. So, basically I go into hibernation. All I want to do is sleep under mounds of blankets in cozy and darkened rooms. 

  I spent all day nesting, adding darker and warmer colors to the bedrooms. Making sure the lighting is warm and adding plants to keep the winter blues away.

  Adding extra throw pillows and blankets. Even hot tea and red wine and the occasional shot of tequila can't warm me up. I'm like a lizard or something.

Not that it's terribly cold here in New Orleans compared to some places I've lived. Once my blood got a taste of the tropics that was it for me though. I'm officially a barefoot, denim shorts and breezy tops girl all the way (winter clothes is a whole other story).

  So I'm going to layer on the clothes and cook hardy soups and snuggle into my bed and wait it out I guess. Blech. 

  Not that that's the worst thing in the world, I get to bring out all my quilts and curtains and heavy lovlies that are impossible to even look at when it's 100 and holy sh*# degrees.

Cheers to surviving the winter yuckies ya'll, light some candles and incense. Throw a log on the fire, play your favorite music and liven up the place. We'll get through this, we always do.

Today's cozy bedroom inspiration brought to you (mostly) by Pinterest.


The New Gypsies

The New Gypsies by Iain Mckell

"musical and magical, simple, basic and self-sustaining"
"Fashion and social documentary photographer, Iain McKell has tracked and befriended a 'small tribe' of New Gypsies for over ten years. But it is 25 years since he took his first series of photographs of the travellers from which they evolved. Six of those images, that he calls 'the precursors' in the history of The New Gypsies were to remain with him. Here, starting with the six, his lens captures their personalities, way-of-life and their ideals.
The Summer Solstice in 1985 witnessed the new phenomenon of New Age Travellers in the 'Peace Convoy', double-decker buses 'with Dickensian characters sporting battered top-hats and Victorian frock-coats' - 'gangs of urban subcultures let loose in a rural setting'. Margaret Thatcher sent police to 'de-commission' their convoys.
From those beginnings have evolved the New Gypsies. Now 'horse-drawn', the New Gypsies sport elaborately decorated caravans and share a desire for freedom and the open road, self-reliance and a disdain for the trappings of contemporary life. However, these new nomads are also driven by their desire for sustainability in today's world; they embrace technology, a grapevine watered by the latest gadgets and solar power. Their roaming existence is probably greener than any other element in society.
Iain McKell's photographs of this new group of itinerants reveal his deep-seated attraction to both the people and the lifestyle, and betray mixed perceptions of a romantic life coupled with a hard one. The women exude a ragged glamour; the male subjects have a harder edge. But every photo is permeated with a wistfulness and sense of being a proud outsider.
The journeys of the New Gypsies are built around a yearly map of festivals and celebrations and much of their time is spent poring over Ordnance Survey maps. McKell's photographs map the seasons of the horse-drawn travellers' lives - from primeval celebrations of summer to the interiorised life of wintertime. His portraits often seem like a character from some ancient mystery play, symbolic of a careless purity and oneness with their natural surroundings."

Cheveux Change?

 I'm having my semi-annual hair decision freak out. Where I feel like I want a massive hair change. I think winter brings it on...

   Usually it looks something like the pictures above. Blondish, wavy, kinda hippie beach-ish. Neither of these pics are me btw...I don't have the guts to post my own pictures quite yet (I'm shy).

I got me some hair feathers and hair tinsel, for something new. They're fun but kinda high maintenance .

  I used to rock the scarf head wraps quite a bit. They're an easy and quick way to get an earth mamma look goin on.
 But I'm in the mood for something different. The problem is- sometimes these "hair freak outs" end up with something I really like, BUT other times I regret my lunatic decisions and wish for it to hurry up and grow out and go back to blonde...

  I'm diggin the ombre thing but I have an aversion to chemicals more and more so I 'm a bit afraid of the amount of processing it would take to achieve it.

   I've been seeing the hair chalking thing a lot lately...

I'll try that out for a non-permanent look. Back in the day I used to do it with red  permanent markers. Yikes!

   I also used to have dreads with beads and stuff in them...

   And a short blackish purple bob with bangs. You name it I've done it.  All except ultra short, I'm a long hair kinda gal.

 I love how all these bright colors look, I had the bright red before. They are a be-atch to get out though. So not sure about that one. Hmmm, What ever shall I do?

Hot pink and Platinum?
Rhianna red?

Disney mermaid? I doubt any of that will be happening. I will keep you updated, and who knows I might even post a photo once I decide!


Bohemian Way

Love this editorial, not so much for the clothes and clown hair but for the opium-den like room. Layers of texture, color, print, fringe, lace! Gypsy bohemian heaven!
Sasha Pivovarova by Emma Summerton via Fashion Gone Rogue


Painted Ladies- Part Deux

Some more candy colored Creole Cottages in New Orleans ( from the window of a speeding car ). I hadn't planned on taking pictures but couldn't resist sharing these luvlies with you.

Why we are called "The City That Care Forgot"...things never really stop being a little (or often a lot ) seedy, yet beautiful at the same time. This place has been this way for at least 6 months.

The Grape Lady...

Interesting shop, not sure what is going on here...must go back and find out...

Canary Bird...

Caribbean Breezy... 

Hidden coral and green cutie...

Tropical Oasis...

My Fave of the group...

Fresh and Natural...

A Little Gothic Glamour...

I know she's blurry, but I couldn't help but include her for her darling color scheme.


Babe-in Suits

When I was little I had my own version of words that I was convinced was the "right way" to say things...bathing suit was 
" babe-in suit" you were being a babe when wearing one. Now that I think about it, it kinda makes Babin Suit it is.