Grow Cultivate Nourish Nurture

Grow, Cultivate, Nourish, Nurture. That is my plan for 2017. Both in the literal gardening sense as well as in the personal & creative growth sense. I plan to grow vegetables, flowers and dreams. Plant roots in the Earth and execute my creative ideas rather than let them wilt inside my mind. Then, water them and sing to them and shower them with light until they come to fruition. 
That's the plan anyway. 
As these thoughts formed in my mind, I stumbled upon the ultimate inspiration. A blog named Haarkon brimming with succulent greenery and tastes of the authors' European travels. Lovely and lush. There I found these spaces, these feasts for my greedy gardeners eyes. The top one is a warehouse space for hire. The second one, a garden shop. I die. I. freakin. die. Don't you?

Happy New Year Ya'll! Wishing you fertile soils. 

xoxo- Andrea


Blossoming Reverie

Atomic Occasions, a series of photos by photographer Jessica Tremp, feature women in blossoming reverie. Surrounded by botanicals, dressed in vintage floral dresses, lying on tapestries printed in vegetation and flowers; you can almost smell the scent of a magic garden when looking at them. 

A bit of beautiful and joyful inspiration today, reminding you to blossom and 
revel in what makes your soul come alive. 

xoxo Friends - Andrea

p.s. ~ Do visit the artists site, her portfolio is gorgeous!


A Bohemian Blue Vintage Retreat

Although not in my normal vein of interiours, this house has me swooning. A rare treat with it's nearly all blue palate, a color scheme usually reserved for traditional spaces. I can't help but to admire the owners ability to create such a warm and inviting space while using mostly blues. The rustic wood touches, vintage pieces and touches of caramel, greens, brass and botanicals balance it perfectly. I could just stare and stare at all the pretty little moments in each room.

I saved the best for last didn't I? This boys room blows my mind. The wallpaper is just so magical, it nearly comes alive. What a moody and delicious house non? I could never have the color restraint myself but am I ever inspired by the creativity of it all!