Current Obsession ~ Vintage Cloisonne

Vintage Cloisonne Bowls
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I'm always on the look out for the next "thing" to add to my search for vintage treasures. This time I was looking at some throw back photos of my Mom and Aunt in the late 70's and BOOM it hit me. Hair combs. I'm all about 70's style and hair combs are a sweet way to keep your hair back while still looking kinda pulled together. So I got on Etsy to search for some, and before I knew it, a mild obsession with vintage Cloisonne was born. 

Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork using enamel. It has been used though the centuries and had a resurgence in use in the 70's, 80's and 90's, mostly in jewelry and accessories. Pieces from these decades can still be found very affordably and usually are adorned with flora and fauna in vibrant jewel tones. Antique pieces are a bit more pricey and collectible, their age and patina making them even more beautiful. 

Vintage Cloisonne Jewelry
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The pieces I'm currently coveting are the gold/brass hair combs with butterflies and peacocks, unicorn pendants {I'm a total 80's girl} and I love the pattern on that broach! Perfect for pinning on your denim jacket for Fall. Oh and those bib necklaces! Who am I kidding, I actually want every single one of these pieces and one of those bowls to display them in! 

Vintage Cloisonne Hair Combs
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Vintage? Vivid Colors? Botanical and Bohemian? Check, check, check! Wouldn't these make gorgeous gifts too? They have a little bit of luxe about them don't they? So keep your eyes peeled folks or the pieces I featured can be snagged above.

xoxo- Andrea


Indoor Jungle Secret Garden Apartment In Brooklyn

I've been seeing this Brooklyn apartment making it's rounds on all the online hot spots recently and had to share it in all it's colorful and plantful glory. It's just what the doctor ordered for my green starved soul after returning from a two week trip to my wild and lush childhood home of Nova Scotia to the concrete jungle here in Houston. I adore it's laid back and playful vibe. It has me thinking I need to paint a wall in that vibrant coral shade and add a few hundred plants to my growing collection. Oh, and find a place to hang an indoor hammock, since it is too painfully hot right now to even stick your toes out the door. I love the idea of an indoor oasis any time of year though, don't you? 

Photos via Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge
I'll share more about our trip soon, though I didn't catch that many photos. Traveling with a toddler comes with a special set of challenges that doesn't leave much pause for photo ops. That said. we had a magical time, reconnecting with family, friends. my home and Mother Earth. If you ever have a chance to visit Nova Scotia you most certainly should. It's da' bomb. If you don't believe me, check out my past trips HERE and HERE. More on this trip soon. In the meantime, me and the mister are back at our mile long home improvement list. I know I've been promising pics of the new crib for the longest and I think I'm {finally} in a place where I can start sharing. Yay! See you soon. 

xoxo- Andrea


Rag Rug Recycle

Rag Rug Bag, Skirt, Cuffs
There's not much that I love more than something that is affordable, beautiful and eco-friendly. Rag rugs (sometimes called Chindi rugs) are the very definition of that. I have been using them ever since I can remember; they are the perfect solution when you need to add some color and coziness to a space on a budget. Then there is the added bonus that they are made from waste scraps that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Win, win, win. 
Lately I have spying rag rugs being up-cycled, yet again, into pillows, bags and even a skirt (gasp isn't that one above gorgeous?) and cuffs. I mean, this is like the thrifty, recycling design addicts dream isn't it!? I love the idea of making some of these giant floor pillows for my little one and maybe even a dog bed. They would make for an easy breezy DIY. All you need is a rug, large needle and thread and an insert or old pillow to cover. Just fold over, sew and done! 

Rag Rug Pillow DIYS
Until now I had never thought of them in the context of clothing but I'm crushing hard on that cross-body bag made out of a rag rug placemat (I spy them in thrift shops often). Check out the DIY here
And rumor has it the skirt and cuffs will be coming available soon from Thief & Bandit. Both the cuffs and skirt are made from scraps of their organic hand printed clothing line. That fringe is killer right?