Going Off The Grid

I'm going off the grid ya'll...to the woods of Cape Breton Island.  After a few days visiting friends and family in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, my husband and I are taking our little baby girl to get a taste of the beauty that is the wilds of Cape Breton Island.  It's a long overdue trip for us, we are nature lovers, stuck in the confines of the big city and our souls are in need of some re-wilding.  I can't wait to take a swim in the breathtakingly fresh sea, go barefoot on the grass and soil and bask under boughs of green.
Our family has a very old, lovely little house there, built on the original land grant of our Scottish ancestors. It's rustic and isolated and very near to the Ocean with the most amazing light show of stars at night.
It's sure to be a refreshing adventure and I plan to take plenty of pictures and share some of our travels with ya'll when we return.  Until then, stay inspired beauties.  See you when we return :)


The Modern Bohemian Black Kitchen

Black is having a moment in kitchens right now and I am definitely diggin it.  Used in contrast to some fresh white and warm wood it gives a modern edge to a traditional look that will last beyond the trend. With just the right accessorizing this look fits perfectly into my bohemian scheme. If we owned this house we live in now, some black cupboards with a butcher block counter top would absolutely be in order. Although, anything would be better than than the "landlord special" blue speckled counter tops and peeling particle board cupboards. Ugh.
I can't get enough of these modern bohemian black kitchens, but then again... I AM obsessed with kitchens.
I (of course) can't live without a good dose of color, so I just love these neutrals paired with the pale rose pink, turquoise,  or a touch of scarlet and brass accents. As always vintage and natural elements bring it home for me, keeping things warm with just the right balance between modern and boho.

For those of us that can't commit to painting our cupboards black at the moment, I poked around and found us some non-permanent pieces that we can  have fun with instead.

Rug//Pendant Lamp//coasters//scale//bowl set//tray//clock//shelf//chairs//tea towel//fridge//rug

xoxo- Andrea
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