July 4th Outfit Inspiration From Urban Outfitters

While cruising Pinterest this week I came across these two beautiful pieces and thought "Now those are July 4th outfits I can get down with". Turns out they are both from Urban Outfitters, so there's still time to snag em' for your weekend festivities. I don't lust after clothes often but these are so good, it's hard not to.

Happy 4th ya'll! Have fun and be safe. 



A 1970's Modern Rescue House

I've been digging the 70's modern design aesthetic more and more lately. Then lo and behold, this house I spied over on The Design Files just sealed the deal for me. I want one. The natural woods, modern lines and overall Earthiness of this place is just killin' me. The homeowners use of color, art and plants just pushes the whole package over the top- in a really good way. Pretty darn cool right?
The house, located in Australia was apparently slated for demolition and they rescued it from being torn down. Can you imagine? I'm seeing major potential in 1970's style real estate right about now. Plus, my furniture would look superb in a place like this. Just. So. Inspiring. Check out the rest of the pics and story here.

See ya' soon



From Fantasy To Reality : Boho Glamping

Don't you just adore these images of over the top tents, fashioned from wispy and lushly patterned fabrics? And the luxurious glamping tents/yurts/tee-pees with all the comforts of home, set in idyllic outdoor locations? ME TOO. They are the very definition of romantic and relaxing.
Here's the thing- Those wispy tents are lovely for an afternoon on the lawn or a special event and not much more. The glamping tents are waaaay above and beyond my own personal camping set up and budget.  Somewhere in the middle lies a boho glamping arrangement that is both functional and fabulous. With the right accessories you can easily take your regular tent from boring to boho-licious and still have plenty of time left for smores.

There have recently started to be more options out there when it comes to patterns on camping chairs. I found this chair above in a most unexpected place and then there's these beauties here.

An outdoor rug is a must. Easy to clean, roll up and take anywhere, these rugs come in the most gorgeous patterns. They are perfect both for lounging on the ground and anchoring your camp site. Placed in front of your tent, they keep the dirt from getting tracked into your bedding too. Here and here. Patterned indoor rugs lining the floor of your tent create a groovy atmosphere. Chindi rugs are affordable and colorful or there are loads of rugs on ETSY too.

Lanterns are a lovely way to light up the night with safety in mind. I only light tealights in them and they provide a perfect twinkling light without worrying about the flames. Hang them in the trees, place one on your picnic table or at the tent entrance. Pure magic!

Pillows are a must! Grab some lush over sized pillows from the thrift shop or in outdoor friendly fabrics so they are low maintenance. Pile them in your tent for an extra layer of lushness then pile them on your outdoor rug in the evenings and stargaze.

Indian cotton tapestry sheets are my partners in crime. I have one that has been on every adventure with me for the last fifteen years. They are huge, and lightweight and come in the most vibrant patterns. I use them for everything, including- blankets, wall coverings, canopies, picnic/beach blankets, curtains, a tablecloth, sun shade, make shift tent, a changing room and so much more. They are super durable and wash up easily too, so you won't worry about them getting trashed.

Banners/ Flags are a beautiful way to dress up your camp site. String them in the trees and watch them flutter in the breeze. There are lots of DIYS out there to make them from scraps or you can buy some here.

This sleeping bag is to die for isn't it? It's made from the same pattern as my beloved Indian cotton tapestry. You can find this pattern and two others (they happen to be on sale right now too) here.

The icing on the cake-A hammock. I bring mine everywhere. If there are two trees side by side, you best believe my hammock is going up. Find this beauty above here or these handmade ones here.

So that's my boho glamping round-up. Do ya'll have any special touches you like to add? Please do share!

xoxo- Andrea