Artistic Inspiration ~ Textile Artist Yumi Okita

While researching for my last post about Mr Finch, I discovered yet another textile artist new to me
 and well worth sharing.  Yumi Okita is an artist based in North Carolina who creates these
 beautifully detailed embroidered moths.  Sometimes even some butterflies and an occasional cicada or
 beetle can be found on the artists site HERE.  I just adore the colors and large scale of these beauties
 and would love to have one perched in my home. What a vision! 

Makes you just want to create something lovely doesn't it? All of the beauty in this world... :) 



Artistic Inspiration ~ The Textile Art Of Mr Finch

I scheduled some posts to keep ya'll inspired during my two week trip to Canada,  just in case you miss me WAY too much ;)  These images are of the art of the very talented Mr Finch,  a self taught artist from the UK who hand sews these beautiful creatures and creations from his fantastical imagination.  His whimsical pieces combine some of my very favorite things:  nature,  vintage textiles,  art,  and the world of fantasy and fairy tales.  Aren't they just Gorgeous?  You can visit his site HERE for more.

I'll be back soon with another post!
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